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Clothing and accessory company WOD Life will be in-house Monday night & Tuesday morning. It’s never too soon to start holiday shopping for your favorite WODmate or accountabilibuddy!
Atlas is hosting a charity event for LIFT-Chicago.

Lifters for LIFT: Participate in Businessman Fran, benefiting a local nonprofit – LIFT. LIFT-Chicago engages trained advocates (college students and community volunteers) to work one-on-one with members (primarily low-income individuals) to find jobs, a safe home, or get a better education for themselves and their families.

Open to CrossFitters, tickets include prizes for top men and women’s Rx and men and women’s scaled, 1 raffle ticket, and food and drinks.

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Friday November 21st, 2014

Today is Nicole's last day! Come join us tomorrow night at 8pm at Fatpour to send her off right before she leaves for Seattle!

If you didn’t know, today is Nicole’s last day :( Come join us tomorrow night (Saturday) at Fatpour at 8pm where we’ll be wishing her well before she leaves for Seattle!

Friday November 21st, 2014

Mark your calendars!
Saturday November 22nd-Nicole’s going away party/Challenge Check-Out celebration. 8pm at Fatpour.
Friday December 5th-Lifters for Lift. Businessman Fran!
Saturday December 6th-Atlas Holiday Party

A. Oly Technique
With an empty barbell
15 Cleans from the hip
15 Cleans from the knee, pausing at the hip
15 Cleans from the shin, pausing at the knee
15 Cleans
15 Front Squats

B. Strength
3 Postition Clean (hip, knee, shin/floor)
7 Rounds every 90s
Build in weight to heaviest possible
Goal is 75-80%

5 Rounds For Time
13 Thrusters (105/70)
13 Chest To Bar

Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes
Press @ 75%

rest 3 min

2′ Max Effort Back Squat @ 75%
rest 1′
1′ Max Effort Back Squat @ 75%

Coach’s notes:
Scale Muscle Ups with 5 consecutive ring rows, followed by 5 consecutive ring dips
Thrusters should be done unbroken
Scale toes to bar with knees to elbows

Post 3 position clean, and WOD time to comments.

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