Pick n’ Play Friday

If you're tired of starting over, stop giving up!

If you're tired of starting over, stop giving up!

A. Strength
Bench Press: 5-5-3-3-1-1
Max Distance Broad Jump

5 mins of:
50 wallballs
AMRAP Pullups

3 mins rest/record reps

5 mins of:
50 wallballs
AMRAP Burpees

3 mins rest/record reps

5 mins of:
50 wallballs
AMRAP calorie row


On 5 minute intervals
2 min of OH Squats (115/75)
100m walking lunges

2 min KB swing (45/35)
400m Run

2 min Shoulder to Overhead (115/75)
200m High Knees

C. Check Out
100 partner medball situps
Post load and time to comments.

  • Mike Showalter

    Bench: 215 (PR); 6’4″ broad jump; 31+51+48=130 on option 1, which resulted in me sitting catatonic in my living room staring at a wall for an hour. A good morning.

    • Susan Hlava

      Nice PR Mike!

  • Susan Hlava

    High Five to Monica for her 140# Bench during the 7am! Yep… thats a leader board bench! Hope that PR Bell keeps ringing today!

  • Mark M

    Congrats on the PRs Mike and Monica!

    A. 155#, 8’2″
    B. WOD#2 Did not count 🙁 I couldn’t do high rep OHSs for the love of me even at 95#. Oh and the 200m high knees were horrible.
    C. Done.

  • jess k

    Why are people afraid of doing crossfit. According to this photo only 1 out of every 5 people workout.

    • Jess K

      oh yeah, great job this morning 6am with a busy schedule….got lots done. Cliff and Aaron B killed the broad jumps. And the bench apparently, Cliff aka Silent Killer. I have the best action shot of Cliff, Aaron, Chris C and the rest of the boys…..vs …the BP ladies in the other room. Will have to bribe someone high up to get it posted though. Thanks for making mornings so fun!! 🙂

      • Nicole Baich

        I hear food is a strong bargaining tool with the powers that be. Particularly steak, bacon wrapped dates, and cookies.

        Remember, if you PR- write it on the board (your efforts will be rewarded this month!). AND, if it’s a box record- submit the online form!

    • Susan Hlava

      Haha .. it does look like that. Believe we had all just finished and were screaming at Phil! It was actually a super wicked moment of like 8 people encouraging him on and Phil rocking out an amazing finish.

  • Susan Hlava

    Amanda put up a steller 135# (2nd leader board addition of the day) during the noon WOD! Evening ladies..lets see some big numbers on bench!